Officers Arrest Man for Falsely Reporting a Gun Incident

On 7/12/23 at about 5:23pm,  Newark Police were dispatched to the area of E. Main Street and South College Ave for a report of a road rage incident.   While investigating the incident, Kasai Davenport, 26, of Elkton MD, reported himself to be a victim.   He advised the investigating officers that the driver in the other vehicle committed multiple traffic violations and displayed a handgun.  

Officers continued to investigate the incident using security footage from the Newark Public Safety Camera System.    Officers used the camera footage and additional methods of investigation, concluding that the incident was false, no gun was present, and obtained an arrest warrant for Davenport.    Davenport turned himself in on 7/20/23.  

Kasai Davenport

Davenport was arrested on one count of:

Falsely Reporting an Alleged Incident to Law Officer/Agency which Did Not Occur

Davenport was arraigned by a judge at Justice of the Peace Court # 2 and was released on his own recognizance, with a pending court date.