Two Males Pose as Firefighters to Enter Occupied Residence

On November 12, 2022, at about 1550 hours, two male subjects knocked on the door of a residence in the unit block of Winslow Road.  The subjects identified themselves as being from the “fire department” and advised that they needed to check the residence due to work being done in the area.  One of the subjects provided identification that stated “fire department.”

Once inside the residence, the subjects walked around the residence with the homeowners and then left the residence.  No crime is known to have occurred in the residence.

Residents are reminded that members of the fire department in Newark do not conduct unannounced inspections of residences.  In addition, if fire department members need to enter a residence, they will be in fire department uniform and would be accompanied by Aetna HHL fire department apparatus.

If anyone is ever in doubt about the legitimacy of a person at their residence claiming to be a public official, they should contact the City of Newark at (302) 366-7000 or Newark Police at (302) 366-7111.