Two Pedestrians Shot With Splatter Balls on East Main Street; Suspects Identified

On April 16, 2022, at about 1220 hours, Newark Police received two separate reports of subjects struck by what were later determined to be splatter balls.  In the first incident, the female victim was walking on East Main Street near North Chapel Street when she heard shots and observed a subject pointing what the victim believed to be a Nerf gun from a vehicle.  The victim sustained minor bruising to her arm and did not require medical attention.

About 2-3 minutes later, a male pedestrian reported that while he was at the crosswalk on East Main Street east of South College Avenue, a vehicle drove by and shot him in the stomach with a splatter ball, causing a minor bruise.  The victim did not require medical attention.

The victims in each case gave a similar vehicle description.  Both victims were found to have been shot with splatter balls – water-filled gel pellets.

Using area surveillance video and victim and witness statements, Newark Police quickly identified the suspect vehicle and suspects in this incident and arrest warrants are pending for the suspects.

The Newark Police Department is aware of the “Orbeez Challenge” on social media and takes these cases seriously.  The public is reminded that shooting someone from a motor vehicle or otherwise is a dangerous offense that can have serious consequences, even if there is no intent to injure the victim.