Honor Crime Victims During Delaware Crime Victims’ Rights Week

The following release is issued on behalf of the Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force.  Newark Police Victim Services Coordinator Melissa Pennachi is the chairwoman of the task force.

(DOVER, DELAWARE – APRIL 20, 2021)  Join the Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force and its participating agencies as we observe National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW).  NCVRW promotes victims’ rights and honors crime victims and those who advocate on their behalf.   The 40th anniversary of NCVRW will be observed April 18-24, 2021. Office for Victims of Crime selected the 2021 theme – Support Victims.  Build Trust.  Engage Communities. – that emphasizes the importance of leveraging community support to help victims of crime.  In the last year, we have seen this in action as everyone across this country and the world has had to navigate COVID-19 and the challenges it presented.  Victim service professionals and others who serve victims have had to adjust and reimagine the best ways to work with victims in these unfamiliar times.

This year the Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force is adapting to COVID-19 in how we honor Crime Victims’ Rights Week.   While traditionally we have had an in person proclamation signing with the Governor’s office as well as an Annual Tribute, we have pivoted to a virtual platform to recognize the week.  The Victims’ Rights Task Force will be highlighting the week on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/delVRTF with the following activities:

On Monday, April 19th, a video was shared of Roxanne telling her own story, in her own words about her victimization and the impact it had on her.

On Tuesday, April 20th, the VRTF Facebook page will spotlight organizations and programs across the state that serve victims.  Delaware has an array of excellent services available and we hope to recognize all that these programs do and to provide information as to how to best access these services.

On Wednesday, April 21st, Governor Carney’s proclamation will be released.  There will be an English language video as well as a Spanish language video.

Thursday, April 22nd is a day when the task force will be recognizing outstanding professionals in the field. Additionally, the Delaware House of Representatives and Senate will be releasing a joint resolution, recognizing the week as Crime Victims’ Rights Week.  It is part of the annual Advocacy Day effort where we encourage people to reach out to their legislators to  remind them of the impact of crime on victims and the community; the services that assist victims but the need we also have to expand services; and the need for victims to be ensured rights and protections in our criminal justice and civil systems.

Friday, April 23rd is Thank An Advocate Day and we encourage everyone to take a minute to honor those that work diligently to serve victims and survivors.

Through a grant made available by the US DOJ, Office of Victims of Crime, the Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force, was able to hand out promotional items to agencies that work with victims to be used to promote the week.

For more information about these events please email DelVRTF@gmail.com.  You may also visit: www.facebook.com/delVRTF.