Fraud Alert: Phone Calls From City Electric

Over the past week, the Newark Police Department has received calls from residents about a telephone scam involving a person posing as a member of the City of Newark Electric Department. During the call, the caller ID device may indicate the phone call as coming from “City of Newark.”  An automated message then advises that they would like to speak to the caller about ways to save money.  When the call is connected to a live person, an attempt may be made to obtain personal information and money, along with a threat to shut off service.

Residents who receive such a call are advised to promptly hang-up.  The City of Newark will not call residents to offer any discounts.  Notice to residents would be provided through monthly bills, the City of Newark website and social media channels.  For questions about a utility bill or payment, click here.

This scam is well known to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  Tips to avoid being the victim of a fraud and further information can be found here.

Residents can report receipt of a similar call to the FTC by clicking here.