Residential Burglary, Theft and Tampering With Vehicles on Cochran Way

Newark Police are investigating a residential burglary along with an additional residential trespassing and a theft from a vehicle.  In addition, at least one additional vehicle was tampered with and nothing was found to be missing as of the time of the report.  The incidents occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday April 26, 2020 at various residences along the unit block of Cochran Way.

During the burglary, personal property was taken and there was no damage to the residence.  During the trespass, the garage of a residence was entered and items were moved around, but nothing was reported missing at the time of the report.

Neither the residence that was entered nor the vehicles involved were locked.  It cannot be confirmed if the the residence where the trespassing occurred was locked.

The Newark Police strongly remind residents to lock the doors of their residence and their vehicles.  Many of these thefts are crimes of opportunity.  Suspects will check vehicles, or even residences, for open doors or windows to commit their crimes.  Locking your doors may be all that is needed to prevent theft.  The public is reminded to report suspicious activity immediately by calling 9-1-1.

Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to contact Det. P. Keld at (302) 366-7100 x. 3106 or  Additional methods for providing information to Newark Police can be found on our tips page, where reward information may also be available.

The Newark Police Department is a member of the Neighbors by Ring App.  This app allows the Newark Police to inform the community of real-time crime and safety events so the public can always stay informed.  The Neighbors by Ring App also allows the user to share information, including footage from the user’s camera system, directly with Newark Police. You do not need Ring devices to participate.  Anyone with any camera system can upload content to the Neighbors App.  Newark Police DO NOT receive access to the camera system and can only see video the user chooses to share.   To download the free app, text “staysafe” to 555888 or search for the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Remember: if you see something – share something – and report it to the Newark Police at (302) 366-7111 or 9-1-1.  More information can be found here.